Rujukan ini penting buat saya…mungkin juga boleh bantu anda, para pembaca blog saya

Good Collins dictionary – based on corpus–>

Idioms and phrases dictionary. Very helpful:

ACM classification (2012):


Purpose Link
Camtasia 2 u, portal Camtasia developed by our team Dr Hafiza, Dr Faridah and me. (video of excellent education using screencasting)


My curated page using Scoop it
Asana for tracking tasks My ASANA
Piazza, a course management system (CMS) I use for my class My PIAZZA
Meetingwords, ia an online pad My interactive pad with chat
My bookmark at delicious
My Issuu publication  Issuu publications (
Clear map, peta, satellite images
Find search patterns which correspond with real-world trends.


Microsoft Academic
Search millions of free academic articles, chapters, and theses
APA style blog


Purdue online writing lab
APA from Univ. of Western Australia
APA Style Central
A one-page definition o f learning objects – as distributed to all e-learning champion in Universiti Utara Malaysia.

my comic definition for ELC
Grammar & Spelling Checking, Free Online
Get reference in APA/MLA…by providing only ISBN
PDF to Word converter
Research terms
edutainment (komik dll)
The following link lists 100 useful Apps for facilitating research. Thanks to prof Amin Embi
Scopus title suggestion
Free tech for teachers
Become a member of Malaysian IT Society
Large network visualisation tools (boleh download file dan guna tools online)
Research on quran corpus and visualisation


Tools to make infographics
Links for learning & teaching ENglish
15 places with fun and engaging social studies games–>
National geographic KIDS – ALL GAMES for education
On becoming an innovative university teacher


Sample Learning Objects

I like this song – Sami Y & Siti Nur
Anything to do with kitchen
I am amazed at the capability of this ‘search’ (?) engine

contoh coding font extra kecil

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