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My students are the center of my classroom. However, as a lecturer, I am the most impactful single person in the class. Honest feedback from my students has helped me level up. I’ve been doing this for more than twenty years. I sometimes lough, sometimes cry — and I sometimes mortified (in shame/self-denial). But honestly, every single piece of feedback has made me a better lecturer.

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Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, students are able to

  1. Apply basic knowledge on computer technology in order to make a good decision when acquiring a computer (C3).
  2. Use Internet technology to find required information (C3).
  3. Know the basic concept of computer communication and networks.(C1)
  4. Identify the use of different software applications for different management situation (C4, A1, P1).
  5. Produce different type of document/product for different management purpose (C3).

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STID 1103 Topics

Introduction to Information Technology

Describe the evolution of Information Technology and Communications

Explain the concepts of ICT and IT

Introduce to computer hardware

Introduce to computer software

Discuss the Operating Systems Technology


Hard disk HDD

Basic computer hardware parts -audio narrated

Difference between HDD and SSD (solid state drive)

Talk at TED on the greatest machine that never was.

Internet and WWW

Introduce the concept of the Internet

Describe the Internet components.

Describe WWW: composition, hypertext, web pages, and URL.

Introduce to Internet Navigator: Browser, and Search engine

Explain the usage of web based applications

Describe File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Discuss the other web/ online services

 how internet works:

3.0  Web Page Development

Introduce Web Page: functions and categories

The methods in designing, creating and publishing website

The contents of website

Introduce HTML coding in creating a simple homepage.

Coding resources for HTML. Lots of examples:

Try your coding here:
you may also try the codes on your notepad–save as .html)

4.0 Computer Communication and Networking

Introduce the concept of communication

Uses of Computer Communication

Computer Networks

Network Communication Standards and Protocols

Communication Software

Communication Devices

Communication Channel

Wireless Transmission Device
5.0  Introduction to Word Processing

Introduce basic functions, process  and types of word processor

Describe Basic Skills on:

Selecting certain techniques for create documents, editing documents, formatting documents, build table, formatting large documents, structuring contents, build indexes

Selecting Graphical usage like Clipart, AutoShape, WordArt and etc.

Creating and using Template

6.0  Introduction to Spreadsheet

Introduce Microsoft Excel software

Explain Basic skills in spreadsheet: composition spread sheet

Elaborate creating spreadsheet applications

Discuss how to create and use of formula

Compare between formulas and functions

Elaborate how to build table list

Explain how to do list manipulation

Explain about forecasting: use in financial and banking

7.0  Introduction to charts and graph

Categories of charts and graph

Create charts and graph using Ms Excel.

Data series and appropriate chart and graph.

Usage of charts and graphs.

8.0  Introduction to Project Management

Introduce Project and Project Management tools

Work Breakdown Structure

GANTT charts

PERT charts and critical path

Advantages of Project Management tools

9.0  Graphic design

The importance of graphic applications

Graphic categories: vector image, Bitmap and image conversion

Types of graphic format: BMP, TIFF, TGA, EPS, GIF

Applications and tools for graphic design: drawing program, paint program and image editing programs, and video maker tools

10.0  Presentation Applications

Basic concepts of Presentation

Design the presentation using Ms PowerPoint

Presentation features: build slide master, themes, background and etc.

Presentation contents: Text, table, Images, illustrations, media and etc.

Presentation Techniques: Setting animation, slide transition, set-up slide show.

Presentation evaluation

11.0 Introduction to Database

Basic concepts of database

File processing vs database approach

Database Management System (DBMS)

Data, data type, data dictionary, and hierarchy of data

Database system model

Create database using MsAccess

Data manipulation, QBE and SQL

Example of database system/application

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Only 59 turned up today (5th Mac, 2017)…where are the other 13??

Afiqah handled the class today. The discussions was on websites, webpages, homepage, DNS, URL, IP address and blog. Some of the students already have their own blogs. Then, I supposed things will be easy in the coming class.

From time to time we have students taking picture of the class activities:


Focus…it is not a rare scene in this class.

me teach2

So much to share…

khadijah witty

we have fun too


I hope they will treasure the the knowledge gain from this class in their respective field


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Assignment 3 can be viewed here:

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