Grabbing another gold award at PECIPTA 2017

Date: 7-9 October, 2017

Venue: Stadium Tertutup Kompleks Sukan Negeri Gong Badak, Kuala Terengganu

It’s a long story. Too many things happen. Obstacles, hard work, sleepless nights, sacrifices…you name it. It is all began when Dr Mustafa and me decided to join PECIPTA this year (an event organised by the Ministry of Higher Education). We know that we do not have enough time but we put our neck on the slate. That is why Dr Mustafa has to work during his holiday in Denmark, and I have no weekends whatsoever.

Alhamdulillah. It was worth the effort. Again, this year we manage to bag another gold medal for UUM. UUM sent 12 teams including mine. I am glad that all of us manage to get awards this time. Nobody came back empty handed. The full result is as below.

pecipta emas

All 12 UUM teams grabbed their awards in PECIPTA 2017


All of us, UUM team.

So, what was our (Dr Mustafa and me) product? this time it has nothing to do with dyslexia. This time we put up Comiculture© – a digital graphic novel (DGN) maker.
Comiculture© consists of two applications namely the Comiculture© studio and Comiculture© player. The product was developed based on a DGN model of an explanatory type. Taking into account the users’ cognitive processes this model were examined and analyzed to extract variables that can explain DGN semantics.  The model has three major components namely visual narratives, storytelling and interaction design. The visual narrative comprehends the meanings of sequential images characterized by order and timing delivered in the storytelling strategized by graphic narrative and graphic text (V à S Λ E). The graphic narrative consists of images, content and print texts in the knowledge base. The interaction design component based on dual pathways model, is added to the premise to include the interactivity, user control, and media enrichment (audio, sound effect, music) based on users’ preferences. This premise of the model serves as one of the principle instruments of modern science, with specific contribution to the development of usable DGN which are materialised through Comiculture© studio and player. The premise i.e. V à S Λ E contains rational attributes to be used as a foundation for Comiculture© design and development. The aim of Comiculture© itself is to enable complex contents be delivered in an easier, appealing context-based storytelling strategy.
In the news, here is how it goes:
UUM ONLINE: Bahan ilmiah yang sukar difahami dan tidak menarik telah memberikan idea kepada penyelidik, Prof Dr Zulikha Jamaludin dan Dr Mustafa Muwafak Alobaedy dari Pusat Pengajian Pengkomputeran (SoC) untuk menghasilkan novel grafik digital (DGN), Comiculture: A Digital Comic for Culture Aware Education.
Menurut Prof Dr Zulikha, Comiculture merupakan novel grafik digital mengandungi dua aplikasi iaitu studio dan pemain Comiculture yang dibangunkan berdasarkan model DGN jenis penerangan. Katanya, idea untuk menghasilkan Comiculture: A Digital Comic for Culture Aware Education tercetus pada 2015 apabila mendapati kebanyakan bahan akademik seperti nota kuliah, tesis dan buku teks agak kompleks dan tidak menarik perhatian pelajar khususnya untuk memahami isi kandungannya.
“Sehubungan itu, saya dan rakan penyelidik cuba mencari penyelesaiannya agar bahan akademik itu mampu difahami dan menjadi lebih menarik kepada pelajar untuk membaca.
“Tambahan pula, salah satu matlamat interaksi manusia dan komputer adalah untuk mendapatkan saluran penyampaian maklumat yang lebih berkesan dan dari situ, saya mendapat idea untuk terjemahkan bahan akademik yang kompleks ke dalam bentuk novel grafik digital atau komik,” ujarnya. Prof Dr Zulikha berkata, dengan mengambil kira proses kognitif pengguna, model ini diperiksa dan dianalisis untuk mengekstrak pembolehubah yang dapat menjelaskan semantik DGN.
Menurutnya, model ini mempunyai tiga komponen utama iaitu visual naratif, reka bentuk bercerita dan reka bentuk interaksi yang berfungsi sebagai salah satu instrumen utama untuk pengembangan DGN yang dapat digunakan melalui studio dan pemain Comiculture.
Tambah beliau, pengguna hanya perlu memasang perisian studio Comiculture untuk menghasilkan komik sendiri, seterusnya memainkannya dalam pemain Comiculture.
“Tujuan Comiculture itu sendiri adalah untuk membolehkan kandungan kompleks dapat disampaikan dalam strategi bercerita berdasarkan konteks yang lebih mudah dan menarik “Comiculture: A Digital Comic for Culture Aware Education telah merangkul pingat emas di Persidangan dan Ekspo Ciptaan Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Antarabangsa (Pecipta) 2017,” katanya. Tambah beliau, ciptaan tersebut sudah berjaya dijual di Pecipta baru-baru ini dan beliau masih berusaha untuk mempromosikan hasil inovasi berkenaan untuk kegunaan orang ramai.
pecipta gold

Dr Nurulwahida (representing her team) and me (representing my team) with our gold medals.

ICIT@Zaytoonah University

ICIT@Zaytoonah University

Event: The 8th international conference on information technology (visit

Date: May 16-21, 2017

I made a mistake by choosing XXX airline. I flew from AOR to KUL, transit for 4-5 hours, then from KUL to Jeddah, transit for 11 hours!!!!! before flying from Jeddah to Jordan for another 2 hours. It was an exhaustive journey. I arrived feeling like ‘tapai basi’.

The above photos was taken when I was about to land at Queen Alia International Airport, South of Amman, Jordan.

The The hotel driver has already waited for me. Glad that I have an arrangement made prior to arriving. Or else I would be deadly exhausted searching for cab etc. What more – I do not have enough Jordanian Dinar for the fare.

The journey to Sadeen Amman Hotel & Suites was smooth. The driver spoke fluent English (he lived in Los Angeles for the past 20 years!). I arrived at the hotel about an hour later. the exact location of the hotel is Wasfi Al-Tal (Gardens) St. – Amman – Khalda – Opposite to Safway Khalda – Amman.

First agenda, had my shower, and second agenda SLEEP!!!!

Next day, ICIT at Zaytoonah University. The university’s bus took us from Sadeem Amman Hotel to Al Zaytoonah University as early as 8.00 am.

Al Zaytoonah University, viewed from top

Interesting opening and photo session. I have two mission this time. Presenting my paper on digital graphic novel and promoting Journal of ICT (JICT) of UUM.

Met new friends and lots of interesting people. Best of the best are their food. I love Jordanian food.


I do not know their name, but they are yummylicious!


Kunafa (Knafa), sweet, with a thick layer of cheese..fuyyoh! This is really my favorite.

After the conference I went to Osama’s house. Osama’s, wife Doa, and their two active children Yamen and Massa came to pick me up at the hotel. We went to the old market together. Shopping timem as usual. Bought some Joradanian spices, safflower, etc. Great time at their place. From Osama’s house I can see the Palestine border. I wanna write a few lines on this..but well, let me keep it just to myself–do not want to change the topic of ICIT.


Happy family, from left- Osama, Massa, Doa, me and Doa’s mom.

We also visited Doa’s family – her mom and sisters. All in all, I enjoyed my stay. Thanks to Osama and family for making my trip a memorable one.