ICOCI 2017

Sama-Sama Hotel, ICOCI 2017

25-27 April 2017

It has been a while since I last wrote. Catching my breath for loads of office work and house work. ICOCI2017 was held in April, and only today I have a chance to write about it.

This year, International Conference on Computing and Informatics (ICOCI2017 – http://www.icoci.cms.net.my/icoci2017/) was organised at Sama-Sama Hotel, KLIA. As usual the School of Computing of UUM is the organiser. The work began right after ICOCI 2015…we have been working for the past 15 months for this event. Well, a good event needs planning, careful selection of papers, keynote speakers, a robust conference management system, ..etc..etc..

As a deputy chair and the ‘tekong’ for the papers selection, the works were, well towering! They sort of buried me under those piles of papers, meetings, emails,…urghhh you name it. But of course, the end result was more than beneficial. We had a 3-day happy, fruitful, joyous event where lots of new ‘networking’ has been established. We not only had a database of friends but a ‘touchbase’ of them!

belakang tabir

Last minute preparation..a day before the event. Seen in the pics are Azzah, Prof Ku, Dr Mazni, Dr Liza, Dr Yani

sesi daftar

Just before the opening, participants are registering. Niza, Liza and Azzah in charged here.

The keynote speakers this time were Dr Mazlan of Favoriot, En Nik Arif of Microsoft, Germain Thomas of Intelligent Home System and Dr Mohamed Moustafa Mahmoud (Dr3M) of Madinah Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE).

zu explain

He..he..I am always serious when it comes to leisure meeting like this. Seen in the picture are Dr 3M, Prof Ku Ruhana (the ICOCI Chair), and Arai (one of the invited speakers on Blockchain and Bitcoin)


The real networking session! With Dr 3M, Germain Thomas, Prof Ku & Arai’s wife.

This year, we managed to compile more than one hundred quality papers, after higher rejection rate compared to ICOCI 2015. We are happy for the selected papers and more than happy to receive our participants from many parts of the world.



Indeed, these are serious participants!


The Q&A session, as usual, is always interesting.

wan fatimah

I was the chair for this presentation session. Delivering the participation certificate to Associate Professor Dr Wan Fatimah

Presenting papers is important, but what is more important than that during an academic event like this? Networking! I believed ICOCI has managed to achieve this. I saw participants from different countries mingled with each other –of course in a positive way 🙂


discussion international

This is an evidence on how attractive ICOCI is. With sling support on his hand – he makes sure that he can benefit from this event.

more santai

A serious academic event also has a slot for ‘hanging-around’ and santai-santai…Seen in the picture-Dr Haslina and Dr Fauziah


An abundance of drink..food…

thomas 2

Presenting the certificate to one of the keynote speaker – Germain Thomas. Also seen in the picture are Dr Nurharyani and Dr Mazni.


With Professor Kuwae. On my right is Dr Mazni.

And guess what, Sama-Sama Hotel served really delicious food of various kind. From mee mamak to oysters, from smoked salmon to cucuq udang..you name it. Well, of course, my fav has always been smoked salmon and salad…



We had a lot of fun. As a member of an ever hard working team, I feel blessed that we managed to go through thick and thin of the many challenges in making this event a successful one. In the photo below are the members. Eleven of us (Mr Kama is not in the photo, he was shooting this photo for us) altogether.

happy us

A great team – from left Dr Nooraini, Dr Norliza, Dr Nurharyani, me, Azzah, Prof Ku Ruhana, and Aniza. In the midle is Dr Mazni and the two guys from left are Dr Syamsul and Chareen.

Stressed? Ha..ha..I must be joking if I say there was none. In fact a lot of stressful moments we went through. It was worthy. We had fun though there are time where we had to swallow our own tears.


We enjoyed every moment working together

with chareen

Me and Chareen. Cheria sentiasa!

Two weeks after the event, we have had our post mortem meeting – analysing all the hiccups, planning for future improvements etc. The best thing is that it was done at Bistro EDC. Hmm…you can guess what the main attraction is. Food and more food again! Ya la..nama pun buat kat Bistro..tak kan kerja saja kan?


post mortem1

Our post mortem meeting – actually celebrating the success of ICOCI2017. Bravo to all! (Everybody was here except Mr Kama)