My green campus

Universiti Utara Malaysia- My green campus, loved by all!

Sept 2016
Location: Around the UUM Sintok campus

I have been working in my office for ages. I went out for official duties now and then. I forgot to ‘see’ my surroundings, my environment, my campus that I walked in and out every day. What an ignorant me!


Iman, Nada and me – look at the grass, the trees, the branches..!

One beautiful sunny day, I looked out of my window and wow, I said to myself. What a beautiful campus I lived in. The green view from every angle, the nice warm weather. How could I miss all these? For a moment I have no other feeling, just admiration. “Terpana” by the beauty that surrounded me.

That weekend (of course I have to look for a quiet day, i.e. Saturday), I asked my husband and children to join me for a walk – just to get ourselves near to the green of the campus. I saw the sun climbed on the sky where its light made the green grass (some are still wet from the morning dew). We walked towards the treeline…mesmerising! Now I realised what I have actually missed while working in front of my machine day in. day out.


Kak As, me and Iman – enjoying the walk. See the path? the treeline?


The building where my office is located – it has stunning architectural feat –let’s consider my office as a tropical paradise in the green forest.

We pass through a beautiful (or two/three) lake that glimmer in the light of dawn. (Actually I don’t even know whether it’s a lake or a river – sigh). We can see the silver skyline in the reflection. Ha…ha… I am being so melancholic, I guess. But truly, with this lake and the green grass that actually carpeted the whole UUM ground, I think there was Feng-Shui perfection to the scene.


The image is captured from the lake side. Eh, where is the lake view??

We also ventured into the hillside and slopping pathway track to a garden. Of course we can hear the chattering of the birds in the green trees. On top of birds – we saw monkeys as well. These complete UUM as a ‘university in the green forest’.


We have fun climbing trees, going after the monkeys ha…ha…ha…!


the tree, can be a resting place.


Me and him…

To us, it was truly amazing to witness such a natural scenery. I have been here for more than 20 years and only today I make the time to actually witness what I have around me – such a beautiful place where for some it is only possible in their dream.


Words are not needed to explain this.

I have no words that suffice to describe the beauty of this nature. I am not exaggerating – You have to come and see it for yourself to believe. You will feel like you are visiting a fairy land.