Invited lecture- Universiti Teknologi Petronas


Dated 7th August – Travel to Universiti teknologi Petronas (UTP) Tronoh. I used to think of UUM as a jugle-based univ. But when I look at Tronoh…he..he..we are better located.

Dated 8th August– present a talk on “HOW TO WRITE A GOOD PROPOSAL”, which I conclude as follows: skeletonRP

The most confusing issue seems to be on the rationale of having the problem statement (PS) and the research questions (RQ) in a thesis…well, a problem is the initiator of any research work. we maybe want to solve problem, to introduce new ways (methods) in approaching the problem etc. PS is the most useful and important element of any problem-solving effort. With it we can focus our own mind on a clearly described problem. When the PS is established, we can conduct necessary exercise to address the obvious questions (i.e the RQ). example, starting with quick broad questions like “the why” such as: Why object A cannot complete the cycle? (Broad & non-deterministic questions) …before going into detail DETERMINISTIC research questions such as: Can object A accurately complete the cycle given object B interferes 10 times in each cycle? (narrow and deterministic question). Then map the PS and RQ to your Main objective and sub-objectives. align PS&RO                     When we answers all questions (RQs), we achieve our objectives (ROs) and thus solve the problem (PS).


Dated 8 August – in the evening – an invited lecture on IxD. As usual, have to deal with questions like what is IxD? how does it looks like? why IxD?… ixd tronoh

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